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I have worked along side Jim since I first moved to New Tampa in 1998. For the last 25 years I have watched Jim work tirelessly on behalf of his fellow citizens to improve local government. Whether it was for the Cross Creek flyover, Safe Sidewalks for Students, Proper Maintenance of our Roads and Transportation Infrastructure, fighting against the Transit Sales Tax to benefit Downtown Developers or the endless hours he has taken to study the County Budget no one is more prepared to fight for the citizens of Hillsborough County! Jim has been a leader for a quarter century fighting for the people by regularly attending BOCC meetings, serving on Citizen Advisory Committees and giving his 2 minutes of testimony. Personally, Jim is a Doctor, and as a Doctor he understands the importance of thoughtful consideration as to the identication of what ailments we have, as a community, and the key to a successful treatment is the RIGHT Diagnosis! It is beyond time to VOTE JIM DAVISON to represent us on the BOCC! — Thomas Gaitens
Executive Director of Florida Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

I am proud to endorse Jim Davison as the next Hillsborough County Commissioner for District 6!! As a former candidate myself, I understand the challenges he is facing and I know Jim is more than capable of taking on the tasks ahead. Jim has been a Physician for over 35 years and has worked in emergency rooms across this county. He is a stoic individual and level headed, someone who is capable of making decisions without his emotions overriding his ability to reason. Over the years, Jim has often offered answers to the issues of the day, ie: transportation, taxes, shrinking the government. He is always approachable and will not shut off supporters after being elected. He will never serve special interest groups or their money over the interest of the citizens. Jim will put forth ideas and proposals to meet the situations of the future without increasing our taxes. It is time to tighten the belt! — Chase Harrison
Former Candidate Hillsborough County Commissioner

As an Emergency Room doctor, Jim Davison is accustomed to quickly diagnosing problems and providing relief to patients who show up in the ER. I have known Jim for many years and can vouch for his conservative Republican principles. I believe he has accurately diagnosed transportation and spending issues in Hillsborough County so when elected to the Hillsborough County Commission, Dr. Jim Davison will provide a solid remedy to improve our roads without raising taxes. — Karen Jaroch
Director, Fix Our Roads First

Paid for by Jim Davison, Republican, for Hillsborough County Commission, District 6
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